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Graenit Weimaraners 
Christmas 1999

From left to right:  George, Digit, Keri, Jakob, Benton, Kaiya, Esteri, and Tess.

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Our Breeding Goals

Our son, Jakob with Benton

Benton with our 2 1/2 wk old son, Jakob

Every good breeder has a breeding focus, a set of long term goals. Unlike many breeders who keep a single discipline (show, or field for example) as their focus, our focus is the versatile Weimaraner. We want dogs who excel in the show, obedience, and agility rings as well as in the field. The Dual, or even Triple, Champion shouldn't be the happy accident. Dogs of this calibre should be the norm. And we actively work to this end.

However, we always remember that most of the dogs we produce will be companions first, competitors second. Consequently, we strive to produce only the finest temperament for the family companion in the soundest possible dog. These goals are not secondary to producing competitive Weimaraners. After all, a dog who is not temperamentally and physically sound will not be competitive, regardless of their talent. We are proud of the fact that many of our pups are children's companions.

When providing stud service, we look for aspects in the bitch that will further this breeding philosophy.

Our Breeding Plans (as of May 2004)

We primarily breed for ourselves, or dogs that we want, but co-own with others. Consequently, we tend to breed infrequently, usually no more than once every year, or every other year.

We are expecting puppies June 16, 2004.  Please find more information at the web page for the litter.

If this litter does not meet your needs, please contact your local Weimaraner club. A list of local club contacts can be found at the Weimaraner Club of America website.

Our Contract

All of our pups come with a contract. We use the contract to protect you, the buyer, our good reputation as a breeder, and, most importantly, the pup. Pups come with a lifetime return policy, and a health guarantee, when the vaccination schedule is followed. Starting with the 1998 litter, pups will also come with, when possible, vaccinations.

To protect our reputation as breeders, we make use of the AKC Limited Registration with pups sold as companions. The Limited Registration means that the pup could not be shown in conformation shows (though may compete in all other disciplines) and off spring from the pup would not be eligible for registration. As well, for companion pups, we offer rebates for spay/neuter, and the completion of a Basic Obedience class.

For those looking for breeding quality pups the contracts get a bit more stringent, generally requiring the pup be shown to some extent and pass the usual set of health certifications. If you are new to the breed, or a first time breeder, we require a co-ownership on the pup. We do this so that we are in the best position to "mentor" you as you start your own breeding program.

We strive in everything we do with our selling practices to promote responsible dog ownership and breeding. We recognize that the key to a happy breeder/buyer relationship is communication. If you are at all uncomfortable with something we are asking of you - DO NOT AGREE TO IT!! Instead, we encourage you to discuss with us your comfort levels, goals, and visions for your new pup. (In fact, this is our advice to you regardless of where you get your pup.) Our goal is to get our pups into the best homes available. If you are one of those homes, we will work with you to make that happen.

Our Christmas 1996 picture

All of us at Christmas 1996

From left to right:  Benton, George with Jet-A, Kaiya, Esteri with Cosmo, Hogan, and Keri

How to get a Graenit Puppy

When you purchase a pup from us, you are not purchasing just a pup, but a relationship with us for the life of your dog. Consequently, we are very are careful to whom we sell. Initially, we ask that you complete a Puppy Buyer's questionnaire. On that questionnaire we ask for references, if you currently own animals, one should be your vet - we check those references. We also interview you and your family. If possible, we ask that you come visit our dogs. If we like you, you like us, and the breeding is right for your needs then we go to the next step.

Once we have accepted you as buyers, we put you on our Potential Puppy Buyers list. We will notify you when the litter is whelped. We will keep you up-to-date as to the litter's progress. We will not know for sure until the litter is about five or six weeks old whether or not we'll have a match for you.

If we have a puppy that matches your needs then we'll let you know. If not, we'll also let you know. We really try to let you know sooner than five or six weeks but we can't make any firm decisions until the litter is about that old.

You are welcome to work with other breeders while you are on our waiting list. We only ask that if you do get a pup from someone else you let us know so that we can take you off our list.

When it's time for the pups to go home we prefer to send them home with a Puppy Party. At this party, everyone meets their pup. We sign contracts (we've negotiated everything out before hand). You receive your pup's papers, a Puppy Raising Manual we've put together, and we have a mini seminar about what to expect with your pup. We've found these Puppy Parties to be quite a bit of fun.

Finally, at least once a year we try and contact you to make sure you aren't experiencing any problems. As well, we like to receive letters and pictures from our pups. We like to see how they are doing and what things they've accomplished. Our thought is that we brought these lives into the world, we are responsible to see that they do well here.

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