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Hi, I'm Ben.

Welcome to the Graenit Weimaraner home page.

People are always asking me questions about Weimaraners or just dogs in general.  So, I put together this web site (OK, I had some help) to answer questions such as... 

  • Is the Weimaraner right for me? 
  • We're not local, can I still get a pup from you? 
  • Can you recommend a local breeder? 

Find answers to these question and more on my Weim FAQ page.

  • What qualities should I look for in any breeder?
  • Isn't a registered dog a good sign of quality?
  • What are some things I should expect in a contract?

Take a look at my Breeder FAQ page for answers.

  • What are Graenit's breeding goals?
  • What are your current breeding plans?
  • How can I get a Graenit pup?

The Graenit as Breeders page has answers to this and more.  Graenit currently (March 2001) has dogs available - take a look at Our Puppies.

If you just want to learn more about me or the rest of the Graenit Gang take a look at my Dogs page.

Then there's other neat stuff like links to Weimaraner clubs, Weimaraner fancier pages, and Hunting Dog organizations.

I hope you find what you are looking for.  If you have any questions comments or would like to fill out a puppy application goto the contact page.

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For more information contact:

Esteri Hinman at
Last revised on 23 March, 2001
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